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Françoise Vandonink

Creator of unique floral experiences

Head in the air since 1999

The Journey of Françoise

Françoise quickly forged her unique style and identity in the world of floral art. Her remarkable talent has been rewarded with several first prizes, including the Tivoli Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Belgium, among other accolades, she was honored with the title of ‘Belgian Floral Art Champion for Professionals,’ a well-deserved recognition of her dedicated efforts.

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Unforgettable Floral Occasions

A floral adventure without borders

Her passion for the profession has taken her to the four corners of the world, whether solo or as part of a team. Canada, China, Dubai, and numerous European destinations are all part of her playground. She dedicates herself to demonstrations, creative workshops, event projects, publications, and teaching, both in Belgium and abroad.

Since 1999, her floral boutique has been her sanctuary, where her creativity and distinctive style have found a space to flourish, whether it’s in crafting sumptuous indoor floral arrangements or creating elegant outdoor decorations.

Flower magician

Artisan creator since 1995

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Stefan Roosen

The Journey of Stefan

Born among the flowers, Stefan quickly developed a taste for floral art, which would later become his true passion.

With an organized mind and fueled by his love for flowers, wedding ornaments, decorations for corporate events, as well as temporary artistic creations and installations, hold no secrets for him.

His list of achievements is adorned with numerous accolades, but it is primarily his work that speaks for him, just as the smiles of his clients do.

A floral journey of infinite horizons.

Competitions and exhibitions have marked his journey. In the early 2000s, he earned the prestigious title of ‘Belgian Floral Art Champion for Professionals,’ which he brilliantly renewed a few years later.

In addition to the boutique, he devotes himself to decorations, demonstrations, courses, exhibitions, and the creation of land art installations, all tied to his professional passions.

The workshop and creative enrichment are his preferred domains.

Since 2000, alongside Françoise, an essential duo was born, endowed with a synergy that enhances their creative independence. Clients seeking beauty in floral expression will find exceptional partners in them.

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The Oompa Loompa's

Our passionate, multi-skilled, all-terrain assistants

The Creative Assistants of Francoise & Stefan

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our valuable collaborators, always there when their help is needed.

They are our ‘Oompa Loompas,’ carefully tending to every detail during the execution.

An enthusiastic team, united by a single ambition: to make your wedding a magical moment, your dinner a perfect event, every occasion a memorable memory, and your flowers a true delight.